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June 27, 2022


Make a DIY gift voucher holder utilizing an old tape case! Utilize Mod Podge and some pretty papers to astonish the beneficiary.

Presently, I need to concede that I used to know the verses to the melody Kokomo by the Beach Boys in reverse and advances. It was quite a while prior, when I’d bop to the tune on my Walkman while wearing a side pig tail and tight moved pants.

In any case, I didn’t get the tape since I needed an outing through a world of fond memories. No, I saw shrewd potential! I figured the case would make a charming DIY gift voucher holder with a little decoupage enchantment.

Gift voucher Holder

Supplies required

Old plastic tape case

Beautifying paper


Glass paint (discretionary)

Mod Podge Satin or Mod Podge Gloss


Scissors or paper shaper

Gold brad or catch

Heated glue weapon


First you should expel the printed sleeve inside. At that point, spotless and dry your plastic tape case. Separate the front and back pieces from one another so you can brighten every one.

Utilize the printed sleeve as a format and follow around it onto the rear of the scrapbook paper. Cut the following out and overlap the paper to reflect the first supplement. Whenever wanted, cut a segment of differentiating paper the width of the paper/case, as well.

Paint a stripe of Mod Podge along the external, inside edge of the ‘top’ bit of the case and smooth the segment of red/differentiating paper on top.

At that point, apply a lot of Mod Podge along the inside surfaces of the top piece of the case. Cautiously place your collapsed bit of scrapbook paper inside the plastic.

Attempt to put it uniformly and focused the first run through, in light of the fact that it might be hard to change the paper once it is in there.

Smooth out any air pockets in the paper and enable the paste to dry. At that point, apply a layer of Mod Podge over the paper to help seal and verify it. Enable that to dry, as well.

On the off chance that you need to adorn the outside of your DIY gift voucher holder, stick a catch or brad to the outside of the case.

Next, you have to improve the ‘base’ half of the case. This area is somewhat trickier to handle with the plastic spokes standing up into the case. That is the reason I chose to utilize sparkle and paint.

Spread a thick layer of Mod Podge on the base surface and spokes of the case. Sprinkle generously with sparkle and shake off any overabundance.

(On the off chance that you needed to, you could utilize sparkle on sides of the case, as well. Be that as it may, I attempted to deliberately stay away from the sides since I needed to paint those.)

When the sparkle and paste is dry, apply another layer of Mod Podge over the sparkle to seal it. This will forestall any of the radiance from shedding.

After that is dry, use create paint and paint the sides of the base portion of the case with red paint. (I explicitly picked glass paint since I realized it would hold fast to the unmistakable plastic.)

Enable that to dry and rehash if necessary to accomplish the ideal shading/haziness.

When everything is dry, just reattach your two sorts out and include your gift voucher!

Presently you have a truly high quality gift voucher holder that can be reused over and over!

I wager you have an old tape from your past that you can reuse into an enjoyment blessing. What’s more, I wager it will bring you on trip through a world of fond memories while you make it . . . since I can’t quit singing

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